John. 25 years old. Gay. Psychology student. I've been playing videogames for as long as i can remember so you pretty much know what to expect from this blog. Ask me stuff if you want
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It’s been a long time


It’s been a long time

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“It’s true! If you want, you really don’t have to feel pain any more!”

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a drawing about optimism

I don’t know why but that last line made me laugh really hard

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I want companionship but I hate people

if you feel this way, you’re probably an introvert!  because an introvert’s brain stays at a higher state of arousal than an extrovert, lots of socializing can cause overstimulation (which translates into feeling overwhelmed).  this is why introverts do well with just a few strong relationships and need lots of alone time to recharge after being around people.

introverts make up around 30% of the population, but that number is likely much higher on Tumblr (it’s an activity that attracts introverts).








This broke my fucking heart

This is why you don’t lie about having mental disorders. It is not a joke.

I’m crying

This broke my heart

this is real ocd, not the people in school getting annoyed when their desk is messy.


Those last few lines hit me really hard because that could easily be me. In fact, it has been, to a lesser extent. If I hit my left shoulder on something, I have to replicate it on the opposite shoulder. But sometimes, the hit on the right shoulder will be stronger, so I have to do the left shoulder again. It goes back and forth, until both shoulders are equally bruised. It happens with cuts and burns and even just people touching me. Animal bites are the worst because I can’t replicate them, and the pain of not being even hurts worse than the actual bite. Self harming can get really out of hand too- Everything must be parallel and symmetrical, and the same severity. 

A lot of people say that OCD isn’t difficult- it’s just some handwashing and keeping tidy. For some people, that might be it, I can’t speak for them. But for some sufferers, it is hell. Some days it’s bearable- but some days, I have to wrap up in a blanket in an effort to keep all sensation symmetrical, because the OCD is so bad that I know the smallest thing could lead to an incredibly dangerous spiral.

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Eat anything you want and if someone tries to lecture you about your weight, eat them too.

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this one goes out to you, amanda

on some occasions, a sloth will be climbing and it will reach up and grab its own arm. this usually results in the sloth falling to its death because it mistook itself for a branch. 

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Basically describes the field of mental health and the common practice of many clinicians. It never fails to strike me the kind of shit we allow to be considered worthy of “clinical practice.”

I’m grumpy today y’all.